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Team Meeting

Strategies for Success

As your business coach, I specialize in providing customized services, such as SOP development, workflow optimization, and engaging team-building workshops. Beyond expertise and experience, I offer unwavering support, ensuring you feel guided, empowered, and clear throughout our journey. With my guidance, you'll gain clarity, valuable tools, and the dedicated support you need to overcome challenges and achieve sustained growth in your business.

DiSC™ Workplace Profiles

As a certified DiSC™ Workplace facilitator, we empower teams by utilizing DiSC™ assessments to understand individual communication styles and strengths, fostering better collaboration and productivity. This can help catapult your team to that next cohesive level.  

Leadership Coaching

Our Leadership Training program offers dynamic, workshop-style sessions that go beyond traditional management training to cultivate effective leaders. Let's develop leadership skills, enhance communication, promote strategic thinking, and prepare organizations for a seamless leadership transition with a focus on succession planning.

Business Development

Business Development Services specialize in streamlining business operations through the creation and optimization of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and workflow management. Together we create customized solutions to enhance efficiency and empower your team, with a focus on continuous improvement to drive sustainable growth.

Culture Building 

Our Team Building Workshops focus on custom-designed, engaging experiences that enhance teamwork within your organization. I offer tailored solutions in fun settings to improve to build trust and get the results you desire from your team. 

Consumer Experience 

This service is dedicated to guiding you to craft an irresistible customer experience by helping your audience understand why they should choose you, highlighting what makes you different, and setting clear expectations. I specialize in fostering an emotional connection, increasing conversions, and boosting customer loyalty.

Free Consultations

Ready to elevate and clarify your business and team dynamics? Let's schedule a free consultation and explore tailored solutions that can empower your organization's growth and success with clarity. 

What Our Clients Say


Josie Simons, HR Director

“Clarity has been a game changer for TruLeap Technologies. We have learned so much about our team, as well as individually! Jamison is amazing at what she does and I love that she holds us accountable for the tools and culture that we want to implement.”
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